alternative christmas tree made of wood, steel, and salvaged material

alternative christmas tree

alternative christmas tree made of wood, steel, and salvaged material

Alternative Christmas Tree is an increasing trend on all over the world, on Christmas time in every home there is something to recreate christmas atmosphere.

Christmas tree is a iconic sign of christmas, but nowadays the society is changed a lot, we have much more attention to environment and to green behavior, then people is searching a creative way to make alternative christmas tree, without kill young pine.

These ideas represents a different way to make an alternative christmas tree made of different kind of materials and in a different style, in some cases you can buy directly from web, but you can also recreate yourself without spend money using salvaged material.

Alternative wooden christmas trees

Useful to hold christmas gifts this christmas tree is a very DIY project, you can make it even with salvaged wood and decorate with LED light. If you can’t do it yourself you can buy a similar HERE
alternative wooden christmas tree
This amazing wooden christmas tree is really a must have, in black and white is quite optical style and you can change its look infinitely. It’s available even in other colors, you can buy it now HERE
If your home has a nordic or minimalist look, this slim wooden christmas tree is a great solution for your living room.

slim wall-to-wall christmas trees

alternative christmas tree ideas made of steel

alternative christmas tree
This alternative christmas tree is made of laser cut stainless steel. It’s a flat metal laser cut sheet, it take its shape by pull it. It’s 28 cm height and looks great on the shelf and on the desktop, even in your office. You can buy it HERE

salvaged material christmas tree

modern alternative christmas tree

modern alternative christmas tree
A very nice set of three little scandinavian style trees, it’s made of wood with three different finishes. It’s a great idea to decorate little spaces, for the table and coffee table. You can easily do it yourself but you can also buy it HERE